Monday to Sunday 17:00 pm – 21:00 pm
Collect from Chelsea in person Telephone 01242 222634
or via Just Eat or Deliveroo for home delivery


Baked ciabatta bread 3.95

Marinated olives £3.95

Tiger prawns cooked in lemon garlic butter served with crostini & garnish £8.95

Picked white crab meat. Champagne beetroot puree. Pickled vegetable. Crostini (df, nf) £8.95

Tempura fish, beetroot mayonnaise, garnish £7.95

Chicken skewers. Tamarind dressing. garnish (df, nf, gf) £7.95

Warm goats cheese. Beetroot. Walnut salad (gf, v) £8.95

Seared beef with whole grain mustard mayonnaise, parmesan, garlic crisps & tenderstem broccoli (gf, nf) £9.95

Soup de Jour. Baked ciabatta (v, gf soup not ciabatta, nf) £6.95

Portobello mushroom. Chopped peppers, onions, tomatoes. Garnish (gf, v, ve, df, nf) £6.95

Smoked tofu. Carnaroli risotto rice. Beetroot sauce (gf, v, ve, df, nf) £7.95

Crunchy tenderstem broccoli. Tamarind dressing. Garlic crisps (gf, v, ve, df, nf) £6.95


Pan seared seabream. charcoal vegetables. Tomato concasse (gf, nf, df) £15.95

Garlic. saffron baked salmon. Coconut risotto. Beetroot puree (gf, nf) £18.95

Picked white crab meat. Tiger prawns. Cherry tomatoes. Chilli flakes. Linguini. Creamy lemon sauce (nf) £17.95

Marinated chicken breast. Truffle mushroom sauce (gf, nf) £15.95

Slow cooked beef. Truffle mash. Heritage carrots. Pan jus (gf, nf) £19.95

Confit duck leg. Sautéed mushrooms & new potatoes. Pomegranate jus (gf, df, nf) £17.95

Baked aubergine. Lightly spiced Carnaroli risotto rice (gf, v, ve, df, nf) £14.95

Seasonal vegetables. Smoked tofu. Tomato concasee (gf, v, ve, df, nf) £15.95

Lightly spiced lentils. Carrot puree. Seasonal vegetables (v, ve, gf, df, nf) £13.95

Chicken risotto cooked with arborio rice, garlic, onion seasoning cream, veg stock & parmesan £12.95

mushroom risotto cooked with arborio rice, garlic, onion seasoning cream, veg stock & parmesan £12.95

Seafood risotto, arborio rice, garlic, tiger prawns, white fish, seasoning, veg stock & parmesan £14.95

Seafood linguini cooked in a rich tomato sauce with tiger prawns & white fish £14.95


Fries (gf) £3.95

Sweet potato fries (gf) £4.50

Parmesan & truffle fries (gf) £4.95

Truffle mash (gf) £4.95

House salad £3.95

House vegetables £4.00

Grilled vegetables £4.95

Buttered new potatoes £4.50

Sauteed mushrooms £4.95


Sticky toffee pudding. caramel sauce (v, gf, nf)

Cheesecake of the day (v, nf)

Chocolate & Raspberry Tart. Fruit compote (ve, v, gf, df, nf)

Warm Pecan Pie (v)

Lemon Panna Cotta Tart. Fruit compote (v, nf)