Lunch / Early Evening Menu

2 Courses £17.95, 3 Courses £21.95

Available Monday to Friday 12-2pm, 5-6.30pm – Saturday 12-2pm



Ciabatta basket & butter £4.95
Marinated olives £3.95
Balsamic oil £1.00


Truffle mushroom arancini, tomato concasse (gf,v,nf)

Spiced carrot soup, baked ciabatta (v,nf) (request for dairy free or gluten free bread)

King prawns, cherry tomatoes, tomato concasse, crostini (nf,gf exception of crostini available gluten free)

Chicken skewers, sweet chilli, tomato salsa (gf,df,nf)

Grilled bruschetta, topped with picked white crab meat, lemon herb mayonnaise, chopped tomato, finished with basil oil (nf)
Avocado caprese salad, finished with a balsamic reduction (v,gf,nf)


Warm king prawn salad, sauteed in garlic butter, finished on a bed of salad & herb oil (gf,nf)

Pan seared seabream, spinach ricotta tortellini, dill cream sauce finished with avocado puree & caviar (nf)

Marinated roasted chicken breast, mushroom & truffle cream sauce (gf,nf)

Pan seared pork loin slices, roasted new potatoes, carrot puree, seasonal vegetables, berry sauce compote finished with red wine jus (df,gf,nf)

King prawn pasta verde with hand-picked crab meat, courgette, chilli flakes, creamy lemon sauce finished with Parmesan (nf)

Seafood risotto, cooked in a rich tomato concasse finished with parmesan (gf,nf)

Saffron baked aubergine, carrot puree, seasonal vegetables, finished with pickled vegetable & herb oil (v,ve,gf,df,nf)

Wild mushroom risotto, coconut milk, finished with truffle oil (v,ve,df,nf,gf)


Fries (v,ve,gf,df,nf) £3.95

Parmesan & truffle fries (v,gf,nf) £4.95

Truffle mash (v,gf,nf) £4.95

House salad (v,ve,gf,df,nf) £3.95

House vegetables (selection of steamed tenderstem brocoli & carrots) (v,be,gf,df,nf) £4.50

Grilled vegetables (mix of peppers, courgette,onions (v,ve,gf,df,nf) £4.95

Buttered new potatoes (v,gf,nf) £4.50

Sauteed mushrooms (v,ve,gf,df,nf) £4.95

Seared asparagus (v,ve,gf,df,nf) £5.95


Raspberry white chocolate roulade, vanilla icecream (v,nf)

Cheesecake of the day, vanilla icecream (v,nf)

Tarta fantastica, layers of vanilla & caramel icecream rested on a chocolate base (v,gf)

Chocolate & raspberry tart, fruit compote, raspberry puree (gf,df,v,ve,nf)

Cheese selection served with fruit, crackers & chutney (£5 supplement (v,nf)

Icecream & Sorbet with wafer (3 scoops)

Icecream – coconut, Strawberry clotted cream, Salted caramel, vanilla, Chocolate fudge brownie (v,gf)

Sorbet – Passion fruit, Lemon, Raspberry (v,ve,gf,df,nf)



Please inform your server of any dietary requirements

VE- vegan / V- Vegetarian / GF-Gluten Free / DF-dairy free / NF-Nut free