2 Courses £14.95, 3 Courses £17.95

Lunch Menu
Served 12:00 – 2.00pm (Mon – Sat)

Please Note: Discount Cards/Vouchers & Any Promotional Deal Is Not Accepted On This Menu. Only Accepted On Full Price A la Carte Menu.

Party, canopy, set menus and various party packages are available upon request to suit all budgets please contact the restaurant for further details.

We are happy to take bookings out of set opening hours. Please contact the restaurant to arrange.

Gluten & dairy free dishes are available. Please discuss with server or enquire with the restaurant.

Children’s menu options are available.


Ciabatta bread basket & butter £3.95
Marinated olives £3.95
Balsamic oil £1.00


Soup de jour. Baked ciabatta (v, gf soup not ciabatta, nf)

Portobello mushroom. Chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions. Garnish (gf, v, ve, df, nf)

Chicken skewers. Tamarind dressing. Garnish (df, nf, gf)

Tempura fish. Sweet chilli salsa. Garnish (df, nf)

Crunchy tender stem broccoli. Tamarind dressing. Garlic crisps (gf, v, ve, df, nf)


Marinated chicken breast. Truffle mushroom sauce (gf, nf)

Pan seared seabream. Charcoal vegetables. Tomato concasse (gf, v, nf)

Chicken risotto. Creamy carnaroli rice. Parmesan (gf, nf)

Mushroom risotto. Creamy carnaroli rice. Parmesan (gf, nf)

Seafood linguini. Tiger Prawns. White Fish. Datterini tomato sauce (df, nf)

Smoked Tofu. Seasonal vegetables. Tomato concasse (gf, v, ve, df, nf)


Fries (gf) £3.95

Sweet potato fries (gf) £4.50

Parmesan & truffle fries (gf,v) £4.95

Truffle mash (v, gf, nf) £4.95

House salad £3.95

House vegetables £4.00

Grilled vegetables £4.95

Buttered new potatoes £4.50

Sauteed mushrooms £4.95


Cheesecake. Vanilla icecream

Lemon panna cotta tart. Fruit compote

Warm pecan pie. Vanilla icecream

Chocolate raspberry tart. Fruit compote (ve, v, df, gf, nf)

Cheese selection served with biscuits, chutney & fruits (£5 supplement) (v,nf)

Icecream & sorbet with wafer (3 scoops)

Icecream – coconut, mint choc chip, salted caramel, vanilla, pistachio (v,gf)

Sorbet – Passion fruit, Lemon, Raspberry (v,ve,gf,df,nf)



Please inform your server of any dietary requirements

VE- vegan / V- Vegetarian / GF-Gluten Free / DF-dairy free / NF-Nut free